The 10 Unwritten LinkedIn Rules

Do you feel like there's always something eluding you when you're using LinkedIn?


5/31/20242 min read

Essential Unwritten Rules for Mastering LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an essential platform for professionals to network, share content, and grow their careers. However, there are several unwritten rules that can significantly impact your success on this platform. Here’s a guide to help you navigate LinkedIn effectively.

Before We Get Started

Although these rules are unofficial, they are crucial for maximizing your LinkedIn presence. Surprisingly, many users are unaware of them, which can hinder their engagement and reach.

### Key Rules for LinkedIn Success

1. Engage with Comments:

- Always check your posts for unanswered comments manually. LinkedIn's notification system isn’t very reliable.

- Instead of just liking comments, take the time to reply to them. This shows engagement and builds relationships.

2. Tagging People:

- Always tag relevant people when you comment to ensure they see your engagement.

3. Engage Before Posting:

- Start engaging 30 minutes before you post. Use the "Most recent" option on your feed to interact with active users. This boosts their content and increases your visibility.

4. Stay Online After Posting:

- Don’t post and disappear. Stay online for 30 minutes after posting to interact with those engaging with your post.

5. Curate Your Feed:

- Don’t rely on LinkedIn’s feed to show you content you like. Create a list of friends and prospects to interact with regularly.

6. Post Consistently:

- Post at consistent times of the day, but choose these times based on your target audience’s time zones.

7. Network Wisely:

- Avoid adding or accepting random connections. Focus on building a meaningful network.

8. Prioritize Direct Messages:

- Building relationships through direct messages is more important than just creating content.

9. Be Cautious with Automation:

- Avoid using automation tools and extensions as they violate LinkedIn’s Terms of Use and can risk your account.

10. Diversify Your Presence:

- Don’t rely solely on LinkedIn. Build an email list on a platform you control to ensure you don’t lose your audience.

11. Avoid Actions that Lower Reach:

- Avoid posting links, editing posts in the first few hours, adding comments immediately after posting, and reposting content.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Following these unwritten rules can help you build a strong presence, engage effectively, and grow your network. Remember, it’s not just about creating content but also about building relationships and being strategic with your engagement.

What other rules have you found effective on LinkedIn? Let me know in a message!